Corporate Social Responsibility as a Driver for Addressing Global Pharmaceutical Inequalities

Omar Ha-Redeye published an article on the Social Science Research Network

The forces of globalization and the development of international pharmaceutical policies have significantly affected the way in which drugs are currently distributed. An increased focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should help address these disparities and hopefully improve the health indicators of the global population. Despite the rhetoric and high profile calls for action in the area of affordable pharmaceuticals for developing nations, the changes required for this to occur have not yet materialized.

The combination of a shift in attitude towards pharmaceutical regulation, and a commitment by the Canadian public, are the necessary requirements to orient our intellectual property laws and resource allocation to address the disparities in wealth, health, and pharmaceutical access. Only once these goals are achieved at home can we properly play a greater role on the global stage in addressing international inequities.

Omar would like to thank Renata Cimpean for the assistance provided in editing this publication

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