The Osgoode Cup

In Canada, the Osgoode Cup tournament is the only national undergraduate mooting competition. In mooting, students are given a case and asked to argue an appeal. By participating, students gain hands-on experience in developing their oral and written skills. This year, the moot revolved around criminal law and teams argued the appeal of R. v. Gomboc.

As a faculty member of Centennial College, Fleet Street Law’s Omar Ha-Redeye took part in the 10th anniversary of the event on March 15 and 16, 2014 as a coach. Omar ensured that his team of two was ready to spend an entire weekend arguing their side of the case. By working closely with his team through the entire process, Omar guaranteed that they had the best possible chance to come out on top amongst 63 teams from five provinces and 18 colleges and universities.

By participating in this moot, students who are interested in studying law are given a glimpse into the life of a legal professional. They gain valuable experience by working with established lawyers. For this reason, Omar often takes part in such student events as a way to motivate and encourage future professionals.

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